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Unemployment Numbers in Costa Rica Show Many Looking for Jobs

Costa Rica News – For all those trying to find work during low season in Costa Rica, you are not alone.

jobs in costa rica 1According to a survey by the National Institute of Statistics and Census in Costa Rica, 218,000 people are currently seeking employment on a daily basis. This number makes up 9.5% of the work force and has been increasing over the years.

Unemployed individuals hope to attain work at job fairs, leaving their resumes with numerous employers. Most of these individuals do not have any specific training and have held positions such as cashier, butcher, and kitchen staff.

Recently, companies have been seeing long lines of applicants forming for the chance to be considered for an open position. On August 5th, hundreds of people waited outside a Palí in Cartago, forming a line more than 500 meters.

A representative from Walmart reported that the company received 6,000 applications and of these applicants, only 1,195 were employed. Lack of education and training was indicated as the biggest obstacles for applicants.

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