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“Un Rojo”; Reggae Music Costa Rican Style

Costa Rica Entertainment – “Un Rojo” is a reggae group living its prime.

un rojo reggae band 1It has gained the reputation for composing vibrant, colorful, rich songs that hit the soul of everyone who listens. You can feels something deep in every beat.

This reggae group is representing its new album entitled “Reborn.” They have just returned from a second tour in Argentina.

They were put on the schedule for Costa Rican festivals including Envision, Transitarte and Jungle Jam. Keep an eye out for their upcoming individual concerts too.

This second album is different than the first, which took four years to complete.

Reborn was produced in just a year and the band had more control of the details this time around.

They also had new influences. For example, Jaguar, the singer and guitarist, had a baby.

He says that his baby opened him up to a world of ideas and feelings and that the baby brought him new melodies.

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