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UFOs & Ghosts; Exploring Haunted Sausalito

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Sausalito was once the site of a Coast Miwok settlement known as Liwanelowa. The branch of the Coast Miwok living in this area were known as the Huimen (or as Nación de Uimen to the Spanish). Early explorers of the area described them as friendly and hospitable. According to Juan de Ayala, “To all these advantages must be added the best of all, which is that the heathen Indians of the port are so faithful in their friendship and so docile in their disposition that I was greatly pleased to receive them on board.”

Such placidity was likely a contributing factor to their complete displacement, which took place within the span of a few generations. As historian Jack Tracy has observed, “Their dwellings on the site of Sausalito were explored and mapped in 1907, nearly a century and a half later, by an archaeological survey. By that time, nothing was left of the culture of those who had first enjoyed the natural treasures of the bay. The life of the Coastal Miwoks had been reduced to archaeological remnants, as though thousands of years had passed since their existence.”

The first European known to visit the present-day location of Sausalito was Don José de Cañizares, on August 5, 1775. Cañizares was head of an advance party dispatched by longboat from the ship San Carlos, searching for a suitable anchorage for the larger vessel. The crew of the San Carlos came ashore soon after, reporting friendly natives and teeming populations of deer, elk, bear, sea lions, seals and otters. More significantly for maritime purposes, they reported an abundance of large, mature timber in the hills, a valuable commodity for shipwrights in need of raw materials for masts, braces and planking.


My friend and I were walking between the edge of Richardson bay and Highway 101. Must have been between 9 PM and midnight. It was foggy, ie, marine layer pouring over the hill separating our area from the Pacific. We looked up and saw stationary lights, I’d guess no more than 1000 feet up, probably 500. No sound other than the traffic on 101. It was at least 300 feet long, as it was dark, no shape could be determined. Lights on the object were flicking on and off in random. At one point we saw a flume of thick white vapor (was it steam? was it smoke?) The smoke or steam was pumping out directly adjacent to one of its lights. The vapor was not being batted away by turbulence, then we came to the realization that it could not be a Chinook helicopter, and it was certainly twice a Chinook’s length. Eventually it moved west out of vision. We were surprised this hadn’t been seen by the volume of traffic on 101. Next day in the San Francisco Chronicle (daily paper) it was reported that many people had called in about ‘something’ and the official response was test firing of a Minuteman missile. They fired/tested them going west over the Pacific. Of course, this was either coincidence or absurd. We observed this stationary object for a quarter of an hour. Per the article in the SF CHRONICLE (this can be researched) the exact date could be determined. This experience made both me and my friend calmly believe we had observed a craft unknown to both of us or the public. Silent, huge, hovering, no turbulence. 

This Inn provided the setting for a scene from Orson Welles’ and Rita Hayworth’s 1948 film, The Lady from Shanghai. 

From the late 1800’s until after World War II it was called the Walhalla Biergarten, but its greatest fame came when it was purchased 50 years ago by former madame and Sausalito mayor-to-be Sally Stanford, who restored the Valhalla name. After her death it went through a number of different incarnations, but in the spring of 2009 a sign appeared on the shuttered door promising the return of Sally Stanford’s Valhalla Inn. Unfortunately, by the summer of 2009 the signs were gone and with them our hopes. Some locals say that to this day they see the ghost form of Sally Stanford standing outside of the Inn and Dan Walsh makes claim that he once saw Sally at 2am walking alongside Bridgeway near the ocean holding an umbrella. He thought she looked out of place and couldn’t help staring at her and she looked at him and nodded, walked towards the ocean and vanished. GHOST IDENTIFIED: SALLY STANFORD. Some locals also say that they see 3 women walking near the Inn, one wears a green dress and 2 wear red dresses, they believe these are 3 former ladies of the night. The lady in green once held her hand up and gestured for a male tourist to come towards her, she presented a slight smile and kept trying to entice the tourist to come closer. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE 3 ENTICERS. 

This private home is said to be haunted by a former owner who stomps outside at 2 a.m. This ghost is searching the beach front for a missing golden hook. Also reported is a burglar alarm that rang out for over 10 minutes, although the alarm was completely disconnected. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE EASKOOT HOUSE PHANTOM

During the renovation of Fireside Motel. Indian remains were discovered on the grounds of this motel. This motel was once a Prohibition gin joint and watering hole. Legend has it that the Coast Miwok Indians haunt this hotel and the grounds this motel sits on. What is interesting as we were driving past this motel Deanna got excited and pointed at the hotel and said she could feel that this motel was haunted. She was right! Deanna is a sensitive and picks up on spirit activity. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE COAST MIWOK SPIRITS OF THE FIRESIDE MOTEL. 

Some locals have seen a ghostly fisherman sitting on top of rock on Bridgeway with his line in the water. He is seen tugging on the line. He is wearing a derby hat and a long coat. There seems to be a light flickering near him and some people believe that this was the fire from his campsite. When the light flickers out, so does the fisherman. You cannot see him after his campfire goes out.

In 1875, 3 citizens of Sausalito came up a monstrous crab. The crab had climbed upon the shoreline and was 3 yards in width and 2 yards in length. As the 3 citizens approached his large crab, it scurried back into the ocean and vanished from sight. Special Note: Deanna and I, saw many baby crabs on the rocks near the ocean. 

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

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