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UFO & Ghost Hunting at the Haunted Griffith Quarry

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Penryn Granite Works Office and quarry was established by Griffith Griffith, a native of Wales in 1864. The park has three miles of trails, picnic sites and views of the old quarry pits.

griffith quarry haunted californiaThe quarry produced high-quality granite used to construct many buildings in San Francisco and Sacramento, including parts of the California State Capitol. The 23 acres (9.3 ha) that surround the 2-story building, made of granite blocks, are the remains of the quarry and its polishing mill. This mill was the first successful granite polishing mill in California.

While quarry workers worked on this high quality granite, there were many accidents and there were deaths. Special Note: If there was accidents, this tells me that there should be residual energy that repeats itself over and over again. If there were deaths, then there is most likely some intelligent energy here. Leo Tanaka, a Loomis resident says that late at night, you can hear banging on the rocks, he calls the banging, the work of the Tommy Knockers. When you approach the rock where you can hear the banging, the banging suddenly stops.

Gerald Reeves of Auburn says that in one of the quarry locations, he witnessed 2 granite miners pounding on the rocks. Gerald thought the miners were actors and called out to them. The 2 miners looked up at him and then vanished into thin air.

The office of the quarry is now the Griffith Quarry Museum that contains history about the site as well as other local history. Some of the original furniture of the Griffith Quarry is intact.


We walked around the quarry and made several stops to conduct EVP sessions. Kris Hansen’s Ovilus says abyss and Deanna feels something in a deep cliff side. We follow the trail and stop at a pile of rocks. We capture two possible EVPs. At another part of the trail, we capture a CLASS B EVP in which the entity is saying “okay, turn around, I’m here.”

Deanna utilizes her crystal skulls to enhance her abilities to detect the presence of an entity or entities. I had everyone take a series of photos at each location, to see if there were any anomalies in the photos. One of the Pulse of 209 members became ill, she was nauseated, dizzy, blinded and had to sit down. We provided salted snacks and water and she began to feel better. It was 104 degrees, so either it was heat exhaustion or it was illness that was brought on by the paranormal. Since I am not a doctor, my diagnosis is a mere guess.


When I was a small child, (I can’t remember the exact age possibly 5 or a little older), I had a paranormal experience in Penryn. Their was blue skies griffith quarry haunted california 2that day. I was playing at my daycare in the front driveway and I felt that there was someone looking down on me. I looked up to the top of a tall pine tree and I noticed there was an invisible force like a hand that seemed to open up the top of the sky. All of a sudden I saw a gigantic eyeball that was blue inside appear and it was rolling it’s eye around like it just woke up and was looking for something. Then it noticed me. It was just staring at me and then it got closer and kept staring even harder. After what seemed like just a few moments the eye started rolling back into the grey eyelid and it made a noise like several boulders rolling down a mountain side. Than it went backwards and the invisible blanket opened up the sky again and it was sucked backwards very, very far and the sky closed back to a normal sky and it was gone. That day I was sexually abused immediately after that. I cannot tell you what it was or if the events are connected but ever since I have been seeking the truth.


January 23, 1953: Linda Callahan and Mary Foxworth were near the granite quarry when they spotted 3 blue globes in the sky. The globes all rotated in the same direction, it was 3pm. As the two ladies stared at the globes, the globes went straight up in the air at an incredible speed and they seemed to disappear. Legend has it, that extraterrestrials are interested in the following: 1. gold. 2. quartz – the quarry contains high quality granite that has quartz in it. 3. human abduction that involves implanting alien implants, probing body parts, pregnancy, sexual reproduction organs, the brain, etc. 4. animal abductions – possible cattle mutilations, 5. volcanos, earthquake fault lines, leylines – these could be refueling areas for their UFOs.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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