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Uber Starts Operations in Costa Rica Under Veil of Legal Controversy

Costa Rica News – Well Uber is up and running in Costa Rica under a nice little legal loophole…… this is why you hire a top lawyer as your CEO.

uber costa rica 1Uber began operations at 4pm on Friday, August 21. Without government Transport Ministry licensing, Uber began operations under a provision from the Comptroller General’s Office.

The provision stipulates that communities can provide their own public service, including transportation. Uber clients agree to join the Club de Colaboración para la Autosatisfacción de Necesidades de Movilidad en Común, S.A. via the app.

This is a unique operating model that is only available in Costa Rica. No other countries in the world have the provision of ‘communities of self-sufficiency’ legal status to operate a public service.

There is question now as to which legislative entity that this provision is legal. The Transport Ministry state that paid transport vehicles require permission from the Public Transport Council.

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