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Uber Rewards Top Drivers in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News  – Uber awarded the best of its drivers in Costa Rica with a lunch at the amusement park on Sunday.

uber costa rica 1The company keeps a tight lock on the number of drivers as well as the number of customers using the service in the country.

They chose the select group by considering user ratings and the number of trips made per day, on average.

Those invited were referred to as the “heros of Costa Rica Uber.” It was discovered that one driver makes 25 to 30 trips per day.

The activity include eating lunch under a large tent, presentations, gifts, taking photos, and conducting interviews. Prizes included video cameras, speakers, oil changes and awards.

Tips and tricks are offered to Uber users such as to stay away from areas where red taxis congregate, since these official taxi drivers are upset about Uber’s presence which takes work away from them.

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