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Uber Forced to Leave Costa Rica Job Fair for Safety Reasons

Costa Rica News – Uber was essentially forced to leave its stand at the Expoempleo job fair in the old customs house, although it is said that they left by choice.

uber costa rica job fairThey did so to allow the fair to continue without trouble.

The trouble I’m referring to is that taxi drivers showed up and blocked all lanes of the road leading to the property in protest against Uber. The director of the fair confirmed that Uber agreed to leave so as not to affect the fair’s continuity.

The taxi drivers were aggressive and using threats, putting the safety of those attending the fair at risk. Uber did not want to be responsible for a risk to safety so it took down its stand quickly.

Those leading the taxi drivers’ protest explained in a press conference that they will not allow Uber to do whatever it wants.

The job fair continues until 5 pm tonight. There are about 20 companies offering 5,000 jobs.

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