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Uber Cannot Be Regulated or Limited in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Another Taxi strike coming soon to a Costa Rica street near you? Uber has the green light with no ability for the Costa Rican government to step in to stop it.

uber costa rica mainARESEP is unable to limit Uber’s operation in the country. The company recognized this because, as it explains, it lacks the legal authority to regulate or intervene in digital platforms.

The Constitutional Court ruled that Internet access is a fundamental right and the Law 7593 prohibits the disconnection of systems or digital platforms, such as the one used by the international company Uber.

ARESEP is reviewing legal frameworks and evaluating possible bills to propose to meet the need for effective regulation of illegal transportation services.

It will send a draft bill that would expand resources aimed at preventing illegal services.

As of now, all that can be done is that police can fine those offering paratransit services. The budget for this action will increase in 2017.

The company also asks taxi drivers to consider legal avenues.

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