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Uber Already Slow Paying in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – With all the problems that Uber is having in Costa Rica the last thing they want to do is lose more drivers.  

uber costa ricaUber drivers are annoyed due to the fact that because of company errors they are not making the amount of money they expected to, and it seems not worth it based on the incurred expenses.

Company representatives plan to meet this afternoon to discuss disagreements of the partner drivers. This meeting follows the first month of the service in Costa Rica, as it started on August 21.

There are ten people who have doubts about aspects of the operations and functions of the Uber platform such as payments, precise use of the app, and incentives offered to drivers. They will attend the meeting.

Some of the drivers have expressed concern that they are being asked to travel 8 kilometers to pick up a client who wants to take a trip of just 2 kilometers.

Another issue has to do with payments not being sent out in a timely fashion.

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