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Two Fuerza Publica Officers Arrested For Robbing Foreigner

Citizens and tourists alike in Costa Rica are reminded to keep a watchful eye out for suspicious activity – even from uniformed authorities – following the arrests of two National Police officers Thursday. It seems that corruption runs deep in the Costa Rican government and in those with power positions.

Agents from the Organismo de Investigación Judicial – the police investigative bureau of the Costa Rican Judicial Branch – detained Fuerza Publica officers Camacho, 38, and Fuentes, 27, for allegedly beating and subsequently robbing a Nicaraguan citizen last month.

Reports indicate that the purported assault occurred on April 17, at about 11:00 pm, when the suspects approached and stopped the foreigner while walking near Parque La Merced in downtownSan Joséand told him to get into their patrol car.

After driving around town for some time, the officers allegedly took the hapless victim to an isolated near the Clínica Moreno Cañas in the Barrio Cuba neighborhood, where they reportedly took turns in beating the man and robbing him of his money (some ₡100,000 or about $190 USD) as well as his personal effects.

In addition to releasing details of the investigation, the OIJ has not ruled out the suspects of being linked to other reports of similar crimes. The said suspects work at the downtown police station inSan Joséand are part of the Hospital delegation.

The OIJ is reminding the general public to beware and report any suspicious activity promptly to the authorities to help stop this menace to society.

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