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Trump Changes Costa Rican Visa Policy

Costa Rica News – Up until now, Ticos had 48 months, or 4 years, to renew a visa without having to go for an additional interview.

President Trump has changed this, as he has with other border policies.

The Trump administration decreased it from 48 to just 12 months and the renewal will have to be in the same category as the original application.

If any more than a year has passed they will have to go in for an in person interview again.

This is based on an executive order and it applies to all countries where there is the Program of Renewal of Visas without Interview, including Costa Rica and many others as well.

It goes into effect as of January 27th. Interviews are to be required for all applicants except those applying for a visa in the same category of their previous visa and that it has not more than 12 months after it has expired.

The procedure and difficulty of the interview has not changed.

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