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Truly Experiencing the Costa Rican Museums

Costa Rica Entertainment – The Museums of the Central Bank have published a brilliant book detailing their wonderful treasures and collections.

costa rica museums 1It is a piece that speaks to the culture of Costa Rica, both historically and culturally.

The work has high quality content and a refined design. The publication is put together in a concise, thoughtful manner, one which brings together each of the collections in the museums.

Some of the collections feature pre-Columbian objects, numismatic and visual arts, coins, architecture, materials and fashions from various eras. The book enriches one’s search for national identity.

There are pieces of gold, ceramic, stone and jade introduced in the museum and book. Other features of the work show paintings, carvings and photographs depicting the rich history Costa Rica enjoys.

In another part there are Series 1 notes issued by various governments since 1858. I like the 1968 coffee tokens, which were informal currency used on coffee plantations.

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