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Travelling to Costa Rica On A Budget

Costa Rica News – Over time as Costa Rica has become a more popular tourist destination the cost of visiting the country has increased as well. What can you expect to spend on your trip to Costa Rica? It all depends, of course, on how you travel.  5 star hotel? Backpacker’s hostel? 


budget travel costa ricaThere is a Costa Rica that fits everyone’s budget. You may not be able to stay at the RIU but some of the quaint Bed & Breakfasts or Hostels will truly connect you with the local culture and traditions.

Below you will find some general information about the cost of traveling here as well as some tips to save money.

If you plan to stay in a hostel dorm you may spend $8-15 per night per person. For a private hostel room it would be about $20-40 for 1-4 people. Hotels can range from $30 per room to $400 per person!

As for food, you can eat at a local restaurant for $3 or a tourist restaurant for $6-10. American chain restaurants can cost $15. Street treats can be as cheap as .50!

Transportation by bus within San Jose is about 50 cents. Short 3 hour trips are around $3. You can get to the farthest coast from San Jose for only $10! Private bus companies charge triple!

National Park entrances are about $10, with discounts for kids, students, and seniors. Tours range in price from $40-$100.

Want to save some money? Traveling off season (late April through November), eating at local restaurants called “sodas,” camping (free in most places!), drinking local water (it’s safe!), and taking public buses will save you a ton! Also keep in mind that the Caribbean side is cheaper than the touristy Pacific.

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