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Travel & Tourism’s Slowest Month in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel – Costa Rican hotel occupancy is at just 40% this month, one of the lowest of the year. Last year the figure was similar.

costa rica low seasonEach month there is a survey of occupation by the Costa Rican Chamber of Hotels.

In August the percentage was 60.4 percent, an increase from the 56 percent seen during the previous August.

From September 2014 to September 2015 the occupancy rate increased from 37% to 44%.

It is the hotels in the Central Pacific and Central Valley that typically have the best occupation during low season, from September to November. August and September see visitors from Europe but October is the most critical month for hotels. The next peak comes in December.

We can often find promotions and special fares during low season. It’s the best time for locals to travel without crowds and with discounts.

This is also a way to help support the communities and employment rates for those working in the hotels.

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