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Travel to Make Sugar in the Costa Rican Mountains (Video)

Costa Rica Travel News – There are so many off the beaten path gems to experience in Costa Rica. Peter Greenberg traveled around Costa Rica to bring them to us in video. 

Coffee and chocolate are practically synonymous with Costa Rica. But how much do you know about this nation’s sugar cane history?

Located high up in the mountains of Costa Rica is a little village called Santa Juana. In this small community you can participate in an ancient tradition of turning sugar cane into pure sugar.

Using oxen and a device called a trapiche, you can extract the juice just as the locals did long before there was even electricity in Costa Rica. Then the juice is superheated into sweet cakes of authentic brown sugar.

Watch Peter as he learns how to make some sugar in the Costa Rican mountains.

Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor for CBS News

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