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Tracking the Shadow Imps of Hayward

Ghosts & the Supernatural – A family  in Hayward described tripping over unknown and unseen objects in the house, their keys are always being taken and placed in other locations of the house. How interesting because Shadow Imps are known to be mischievous and Deanna Jaxine Stinson who is a sensitive kept telling me that she was seeing little black creatures in the house and around the automobiles in the backyard. I sort of ignored Deanna’s foresight to what was haunting this place, but then with some researching, I discovered Deanna was describing Shadow Imps and what the family of this home was describing appeared to lean towards a Shadow Imp type of haunting. 

shadow impEver since the family purchased an old Mustang for its parts, the activity in the house has picked up. Many of the family members have seen the large silhouette of a big man in the house. Keys are always taken and placed in different areas. One time the car keys were missing from one home, only to be later found at their home in the backyard. The little girl sees entities in the home all the time and she actually draws pictures of the entities. She is age 5 and may have psychic abilities. The house was built in the 1920s and may have a lot of residual haunting activity.

“When my husband and I had first arrived we were led to the back of the house into the backyard where Angelina’s father’s classic car collection is. He wanted to show us one in particular where someone had died in the car. The whole time I was outside I had a camera light on and I kept seeing something small and black and maybe about a foot tall darting underneath the cars in the shadows in methodical motions. The housecat, a grey and white striped cat darted from underneath the car in one of these instances and so I thought it had been that for a moment. Yet, when we walked into the living room I noticed that there seemed to be one also playing underneath the mother in law, who was rocking in a chair by the front door. It seemed to be playing and I received a message in my mind that if I acknowledged it would become like tar and stick towards me.” 

“When my husband and I went into the child’s bedroom we tried to get an EVP. I was standing in the corner by a mirror and he was sitting on the edge of the bed. I felt light touches as if someone was slowly touching me with their fingertips on my left shoulder. Than my nerves started tingling and I told my husband and we tried to contact him on the recorder. I thought it must be a male because I opened my mind up to communicate and it was an image of a man. He was taller than me, young to middle age like twenties to late thirties I am not sure. We reported to the family what we had seen and then the child and her father came into the room and pointed to the spot I was being touched and said his daughter wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes and sees a man there in the same spot watching her sleep.” Special Note: Deanna describes the little creatures as black slimy things that dart around the house and around the old automobiles in the backyard. How odd that the family keeps saying that they are tripping over unknown objects in the house, could they be tripping over these little foot high black demons? Could these little demons be taking the keys, are they that mischievous? Deanna says that they are collecting the keys to turn on the cars. 

We investigated the complete interior of the home – no EVPs – we investigated the backyard where there are many old cars – no EVPs – there were no anomalies in our photographs, except for one orb in our photo of the backyard and orbs can only be deemed as paranormal if we can show intelligent movement. The only interesting note of this investigation is what Deanna was seeing and what the family was describing and it seemed that both stories coincided with Shadow Imps.

There are many haunted places in and around Hayward, so I am not surprised that the occupants of this home say it’s haunted. Some of the Hayward haunts are:

Special Note: Source:

Lone Tree CemeteryLone Tree Cemetery
Hayward, California
At this haunted cemetery, witnesses have reported faces that appear in the bushes, unexplained noises, objects that move on their own, flashes of light and chiming bells. Some folks have seen orbs, others have had them show up later in photographs.

CineLux Chabot Cinema
Castro Valley, California
According to employees, the disembodied laughter of a man has been heard here, and shadows have been seen going up and down the aisles late at night. GHOST IDENTIFIED: CINELUX CHABOT CINEMA LAUGHING PHANTOM.

Alameda, California
11.2 miles from Hayward, CA
Witnesses at Kofman Auditorium have reported unexplained noises and the apparition of a woman who walks around in the backstage area. GHOST IDENTIFIED: KOFMAN AUDITORIUM WANDERING LADY

Pleasanton, California
11.3 miles from Hayward, CA
This former hotel is now a restaurant with tenants living on top. It is not a functioning hotel. Reportedly haunted by a prostitute who was murdered there in the late 1800’s. GHOST IDENTIFIED: PLEASANTON HOTEL MURDERED LADY-OF-THE-NIGHT

Pleasanton, California
11.3 miles from Hayward, CA
Lights turning on and off, a full body apparition of a male ghost, heavy items being moved without explanation and other ghostly happenings make up the main features of this California haunted hotspot.

Fremont, California
12.4 miles from Hayward, CA
Reports say these grounds just down the road from Mission San Jose are fenced off, but a plaque designates the site as an Ohlone burial ground. Here, witnesses say they have photographed orbs, believed to be spirits of Ohlone Indians who died at the mission and were buried here.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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