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Toy Guns Equals Imprisonment in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Another dose of stupidity being put into effect by the Costa Rican government morons.  I do not think there is a working brain cell among the entire group.  About a week after a law was passed to release close to 2000 Costa Rican inmates with bracelets due to prison overcrowding the Costa Rican government passes this stupid law which will result in more inmates.  

sexy police halloween costumeThe government wants to imprison those who carry toy guns  in public places as well as those who market or distribute toy guns. How in the living hell do they plan on actually implementing this law? Arrest all toy store owners? Ask for a back ground checks?

The initiative is included in a plan to reform the Arms and Explosives Act submitted by the executive branch and is pending in the Committee on Narcotics Safety and Legislative Assembly.

The penalties set out for citizens who have toy guns range from six months to three years. I assume this is based on the caliber weapon the toy gun mimics?

The bill also wants t  limit to citizens to one gun. The current law allows three weapons.

But of course this does not apply to government officials, ministers and deputy ministers will to be allowed to be issued 3 firearms by the National Arsenal “for personal protection.”

Once again Costa Rica is trying to mimic the USA and is over reacting to a stat that just came out where it was found that 30% of robberies in Costa Rica are committed by toy guns. This is another law that will fail during the implementation in Costa Rica.  But at least they got some free press.

The US government wants to take away guns from it citizens while arming the department of homeland security.  Costa Rica is taking toy guns out of the market place and arming its deputies.  Multiple times over the past year there have been inside jobs at armories in Costa Rica enabling criminals to get access to weapons.

The problem is not toy guns or real guns in the USA, the problem is governmental corruption and the fact that they are using fear to control its citizens.

Crime is on the rise in Costa Rica do to the fact the cost of living is getting to high for some to have meet their basic needs for survival. If this economy based on a house of cards crashes expect even more.

When there is a bombing, we blame the bomber.

When there is a drunk driving accident, we blame the driver.

Why when there is a shooting do we blame the gun?



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