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Toucan Shot in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Let’s see if the Costa Rica tough on animal abuse stance applies in this situation.

A toucan died after being injured with a gun.

The act was, apparently, committed by a group of young people in Atenas. The poor bird died in Zoo Ave, in Alajuela where it received medical attention.

The death was due to loss of blood and the stress generated by the situation.

A man had found the toucan in the courtyard of his house and his wife called to alert the Firefighters of the badly injured animal. They arrived and confirmed the situation. The animal was transferred to the Zoo after Firefighters saw it suffered fractures and a gunshot wound.

This happened just a day after the President of the Republic signed the Animal Welfare Act, punishing, even with prison, anyone who abuses or kills an animal.

The law includes prison sentences of three months to a year and fines of a quarter to half of a base salary. We will see if this is another smoke and mirrors law like the one signed against shark finning in Costa Rica.

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