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Toshiba Inaugurates New Headquarters in Escazu

Costa Rica Business News – To increase product sales of computers & storage equipment including hard drives, USB thumb drives and SD cards, Toshiba established their brand new Costa Rica headquarters which will be for Central America and Miami.

Toshiba-costa rica 1President Luis Guillermo Solis, Minister of Foreign Trade, Alexander Mora,Minister of Science and Technology, Gisela Kooper and Foreign Minister Manuel González attended the launch of the new office.

Solis thanked Toshiba for selecting the nation for their headquarters, and their hope to expand in the region.

“Costa Rica is the point of congruence between North and South America, making it ideal for international trade. For that reason we are here,” stated Edgar Gonzalez Toshiba Senior Vice President for South and Central America.

The Minister of Foreign Trade, Alexander Mora, stated that this office will be initially hiring 15 people.

This is the 6th office that has opened in the region, and is located in Escazú.

After the loss of jobs and employement by the leaving of Bank of America in the IT sector of Costa Rica, Solis has helped bring back jobs and new companies to the region.

His presidency is starting off on a very positive note.


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