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Toros are Costa Rica American Football Champions

Costa Rica News – For all of you coming out on Saturday to watch the Costa Rican American Football version of the Superbowl this past Saturday, you wanted a highly competitive game.  Well it ended up being a blow out.

Toros-Bulldogs-futbol_americano 1The Toros did what they had achieved all season; dominance and perfection.  The Super Tazon 2013 (Tico Superbowl) was controlled by the Toros the entire game.

The key to this game was the defense of the Toros and the good play making ability of Toro’s quarterback Scott Doherty.  The quarterback directed a wide away of scoring drives and the Toros defense stifled the Santa Ana Bulldogs offence all day.

The final score was 28-7 but it wasn’t really even that close.

The scoring started in the 1st quarter when Doherty ran it in for the touchdown while in the red zone to make it 7-0.

Doherty had a hand in the second TD when he rifled a pass to a receiver in the end zone to make it 13-0 and they added the two point conversion for a 15-0 lead at half time.

After the Toros forced a turnover as there defense continuously hounded the Santa Ana Bulldog offence the entire game to put another 7 points on the board.

The Toros added another score to put the game completely out of reach for the Bulldogs on a nice run.  During garbage time Gabriel Mena through a TD pass but it was way to little too late.

The Santa Ana Buldogs run as Costa Rica Superbowl Champions has come to and end, and it looks like the Toros have a strong foundation on their team for years to come. The Toros finished the season undefeated and hope to continue the dominance when the teams of the American Football Conference of Costa Rica hit the fields again next year.

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