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Top Tours for Guys Trips & Bachelor Parties in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News – Going on a guys’ trip is an extremely exciting thing. And when the destination is Costa Rica, then the trip will be full of adventures without any doubt. Go on the trip and bring back memories to last for lifetime.

Costa Rica is becoming one of the most coveted destinations for bachelor parties and for guys’ trips. Costa Rica has perfect combinations of pristine beaches, adventurous activities as well as attractive nightlife. What more can guys ask for on their trip! With so many options available, it is needless to say that guys are going to have a rocking time on their Costa Rica trip.

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Reaching Costa Rica has become simpler as innumerable flights connect the city with major international destinations. Guys can enjoy business class traveling at highly discounted rates when they book their flights via a reliable online flight booking portal or via a good travel agent. Luxurious traveling to the destination begins the fun from the beginning of the trip.

On reaching Costa Rica, do not forget to try these activities and experience adrenalin rush that you never felt before:Surfing in Costa Rica

  • Surfing in Costa Rica – Costa Rica is a paradise for surfers. Witches Rock and Salsa Brava are two of the most popular surf breaks in the country. While some beaches provide the opportunity of enjoying paddle out surfing, boat transportation is required in other instances. Surfing schools are available in plenty in Costa Rica for all levels of learners. Do not miss the fun of surfing on reaching the destination.
  • Exploring the Zip Lines in Costa Rica – This activity is definitely not for the faint hearted male. Costa Rica is rich in thick dense rainforests. How would be the feeling of flying through these forests at a velocity of almost 40mph? Well, the mere mention of the activity runs chills down the spine. The zip line trip is also known as a canopy tour. Feel the freshness and cool breeze on your face and body as you fly through the rich greenery. ICT certification is mandatory for companies which arrange the canopy tours. It ensures that people undertaking the adventurous activity will be safe.
  • Undertaking ATV tours in Costa Rica – When you are on a guys’ trip, you have adventurous roads opened in front of you. And taking ATV tours is an integral part of boys’ trip for sure. ATVs can be easily rented in the city, which run boldly on the unpaved roads in Costa Rica. The jumps and the bumps on the roads and the spinning tires provide great adrenalin rush. Biking through the mountainous jungle route is a thrilling activity in itself without doubt. You will still have memories of the awesome biking trip long time after the tour gets over.
  • Scuba diving in Costa Rica – Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities that youngsters enjoy on their trip to Costa Rica. There is immense fun in exploring the under-sea world as it takes you to an entirely new world. Some of the most popular diving sites in Costa Rica include Drake Bay, Manuel Antonio and Cano Island. Their greatest feature is that they are highly protected and chances of accidents are almost negligible.
  • Experiencing the nightlife in Costa Rica – When you are on a guys’ trip to Costa Rica, how can you miss out on the vibrant nightlife that the place offers? The city offers excellent night clubs, bars, pubs, strip clubs and so on for ultimate enjoyment. Do not forget about the Costa Rican women, they are awaiting you in the country!

Next time you are planning your boys’ trip or bachelor party, keep Costa Rica in mind as you will have experiences to cherish for lifetime.

By Kevin Maddox

Author’s Bio: Traveling around the world is a hobby for many people. The article’s author is one such person and he loves business class traveling for luxury. He books his business class and first class flights via and avails great discounts.

Free Costa Rica Guide for Guy’s Trips and Bachelor Parties Click Here

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