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Top Ten Things We do NOT like About Living in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Although there are many things that people love about living in Costa Rica, there are a lot of people that cannot adapt to (culture shock) the extreme culture differences between their native country and Costa Rica. Yes! There are some ‘frustrations’ that one should become accustomed to when living in Costa Rica….

When I say ‘We’ – I am referring to people who are more accustomed to the way of life found in more developed countries in the world like the UK, USA and Canada.

A number of different friends and business associates gave me their pet ‘peeves’ about living in Costa Rica… Very often, something we consider to be a wonderful ‘plus’ about living here like the perfect climate for example, also brings with it some negatives…Lets Get to the List!

  • General Noise Level: Ticos have a much higher tolerance for noise than we do. We do have spring-like weather all year round and when you have your windows open for most of the day and night you will hear more noise from outside than you would normally do back home with all your windows shut tight to protect you from the cold or the heat.
  • Dogs Barking: Although many dogs are the much loved family pet, a big percentage of dogs are the home security system and as such, may be left on a short chain to bark away the day and night in conditions that some of us animal lovers do not like… This alone can be enough to force someone to move.
  • Firecrackers and Fireworks: It’s much better than it used to be but on religious days and other holidays it can get quite noisy. On New Year’s Eve the fireworks and firecrackers started at one nanosecond past midnight and went on for two hours. For a country that doesn’t have an Army, they certainly seem to like the noises that an Army would make…
  • Music from houses, bars & restaurants: Since it never gets below 65 degrees at night in the Central Valley area… If someone is partying hard with their music blaring and all their doors and windows are left open – You can hear their music from a LONG way away! And odds are they will NOT be playing your favorite music…
  • Car Horns: Car horns are a form of communication in Costa Rica and are used to convey a variety of complex messages that you and I will never understand. If in doubt – Honk!
  • Driving Habits: Many Ticos do not like to use their indicators when they are turning so one should be careful. A Tico driver will often hold a limp left hand out of the window and do a strange, lazy circular wave which does indeed mean that they are going to turn, you just don’t know whether that means they will turn left or right! And when there are two lanes? Ticos will find a way to make it three lanes…
  • Burning Trash: Burning Garden Refuse & Garbage is common even in suburban areas. This may acceptable in the middle of nowhere but when you have guests with asthma and the next door neighbor’s gardener starts burning, it can create quite a panicky situation.
  • Trucks: I am not sure exactly what happens when these enormous trucks are barreling downhill and they use the engine to brake – I believe it’s called a “Jake brake” – there is this thunderous and deafening noise that really, really deeply disturbs me.
  • Confrontation: The Costa Rica people are very polite and NON confrontational, but there are occasions when you would like them to be a bit more confrontational and forthright with their opinions.
  • Sex Tourists: It’s truly amazing how ridiculous a fat 60 something tourist looks when he takes his 22 year old prostitute to the mall to buy her a ‘gift.’
By Scott Oliver

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