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Top Places to Visit in Costa Rica

You have decided to pack your bags and vacation in Costa Rica.  There are so many places to go and activities to partake in it is hard to try to fit in everything into a week to ten day vacation without feeling rushed.  We have decided to put together s list of places that you cannot go wrong in visiting when on vacation in Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most biologically diverse countries. It boasts many micro climates and thus a variety of Chirripo-1plants and animals to observe and appreciate as well as activities to enjoy surrounded by natural beauty!

What is the best place to visit in Costa Rica? There is not just one! I will narrow the list to ten or so places to consider. I’d suggest to visit at least three locations during your stay so that you can experience the variety that is found here.

My first set of suggested places are all national parks.

  • Monteverde is an extremely rare climate called a cloud forest.
  • Then there is another rare area titled a tropical wet forest called Manuel Antonio; this is protected by allowing only 600 people at a time.
  • Chirripo Park is where to find the most ecosystems in a single park.
  • Corcovado is home to small lodges throughout the tropical rain forest.
  • Palo Verde is where to find native and migratory birds from trails or by boat.
  • Try camping in Santa Rosa National Park, the only surviving tropical dry forest.
  • Cahuita National Park is the one where you will encounter monkeys and sloths and a Caribbean feel.

Now for some smaller hidden gems.

  • La Fortuna de Bagaces is a quiet hamlet full of beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes. Geysers and hot springs abound.
  • Cano negro wildlife refuge features wetland animals.
  • Wilson Botanical Gardens are worth the trek to the southern most parts of the country.
  • Lastly, Barra Honda Caverns will impress you with their vertical entrances and near perfect condition!

There are gorgeous places to visit all around Costa Rica but you need to take into account the travel time between places of natural beauty. Although Costa Rica is a small country the mountains and curvy roads make it a little bit time consuming to try to transverse the country.  A vacation is about relaxing as well as seeing the wonders.

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