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Top Nightlife Towns in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – It’s the weekend and we all know in Costa Rica as in many places in the world it means drinking and blowing off steam after a tough week in the office.  Costa Rica is visited by many people for Spring Break, bachelor parties, or simply to have a great time.

costa rica nightlifeAfter sun tanning on beautiful beaches almost everyone wants to enjoy a night out on the town. There are many bars and clubs to choose from throughout the country. Some notable top nightlife towns include Jaco, San Jose, Puerto Viejo, Tamarindo, and Playas del Coco.

Jaco is a top tourist treasure. It’s located in Puntaranas, a place on the Pacific. You can experience legendary surf and nightlife. Check out a club called Le Loft. Orange Pub and Monkey Bar are also great bars to visit. You can also dance the night away at Plankton.

San Jose’s most famous club is Vertigo, known for electronic parties. You can also find Castro’s Bar to hear and dance Latin rhythms.

Puerto Viejo is the place to be for reggae roots music. Johnny’s and Mango’s are the clubs to check out. A small electronic trance music scene is also developing in this area. Look for people with hula hoops blocking the street to find this group.

Tamarindo is the home of great clubs like Aqua and the Crazy Monkey Bar. Wildlife and nightlife are both in abundance here.

Playa del Coco is new on the nightlife scene. It’s not the largest and it doesn’t have the fanciest bars but the quality and company are top notch!

If you want to see a list of bars, clubs and restaurants in some of these areas check out Costa Rica After Dark.



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