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Top 5 Tours for a Costa Rica Guy’s Trip

Costa Rica Travel News – Costa Rica has become a hot destination for guy’s trips, mancations, and bachelor parties.  The options for guys to bond with adventure tours and other experiences in Costa Rica are endless.  I do not know many guys that went to a bachelor party in Las Vegas and were able to sport fish or zip line through a rain forest. 

costa rica guys tripSeniors come to Costa Rica to take long walks on the beach and spend hours at butterfly gardens and coffee tastings. But you? Youand your boys are in need of way more action a on Costa Rican vacation. You want to do adventure tours high up in the sky and way down under the water’s surface.

There are hundreds of activities for you a your boys to experience while on a guys trip to Costa Rica, all of which you will remember fondly with your best friends. When travelling to Costa Rica for a mancation or bachelor party, there are five tours you must do to complete your adrenaline fix.

Costa Rica Zip Lines – How does flying through the rainforest at 40mph sound? A canopy tour (also known as zip lining) may be perfect for you. Feel the cool breeze as you glide through the trees. Many canopy tour companies have ICT certification, meaning they have their quality and safety routinely checked and that they have up-to-date insurance.

Costa Rica Rafting – Costa Rica’s rivers are high and offer class 2-5 white water rapids. It’s considered one of the best countries to raft in. During the rainy season, choose a rapid class lower than you would normally conquer. During the dry season the rivers are safe for all levels with a guide. Try rafting the Pacuare, Turrialba, or Rio Reventazon.

Costa Rica Surfing – The surf breaks in Costa Rica are famous. Salsa Brava and Witches Rock are the most well known. Some beaches have paddle out surfing, while others require boat transportation. There are tons of surf schools for all levels.

Costa Rica Scuba Diving – While the seniors are out bird watching, you should remember the millions of creatures waiting to be discovered on a scuba dive! Manuel Antonio, Drake Bay, and Cano Island offer incredible protected dive sites. Coco Island is off Costa Rica’s coast and is one of the world’s top ten dive sites.

ATV Tours – For a real manly adventure on your guys trip, rent some ATVs. The sound of spinning tires and jumps on unpaved roads is thrilling. Riding at great speeds through the uncharted mountainous jungle is an unforgettable activity.

This list is far from everything that you can experience on your trip to Costa Rica.  There is cigar bars, casinos, golf courses, deep sea fishing, and much more…. Customizing your vacation to what you want to do is easy to do in Costa Rica.  If you decide that you just want to hit the bars and clubs, the beautiful Costa Rican women will be happy to show you around……if only for one night.

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