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Top 25 Reasons to Live or Retire in Costa Rica

Although we sometimes expose some of the negative things about living in Costa Rica, there are actually quite a few reasons to live or retire in the Central American country.  Plus I look at the USA right now and around the world and the problems that occur in Costa Rica are really not that bad.  Yes, you can get frustrated but just do what I do now, laugh.  The people in Costa Rica are not going to change so do not try to make them.  Once you grasp that concept you can live at peace here.

These are Christopher Howard’s Top 25 Reasons to Live or Retire in Costa Rica.costa rica waterfalls

1. The beauty of the country
2. Untarnished international image. How often do you hear bad things about Costa Rica in the international news? Only good news!
3. Latin America’s oldest democracy
4. An organization like the Association of Residents of Costa Rica (ARCR) to help you with everything you need to know to make the move.
5. Excellent health care for less than the price you pay at home
6. More Americans residents proportionately than any country in the world
7. A large expatriate community
8. A nature lovers Disneyland
9. Easily reached from the United States
10. Several residency programs from which to choose
11.Excellent quality of life
12. Good communications with high-speed internet in many areas
13. Opportunities for entrepreneurs of all ages
14. Affordable utilities
15. Friendly people
16. 100s of activities both indoors and outdoors to stay busy and happy
17. NO army and NO terrorism. Costa Rica has NO enemies.
18. Affordable hired help
19. Year-round spring-like weather in the Central Valley
20. Fantastic beaches with warm water
21. On of Latin America’s most popular tourist destination according to Travel Weekly Magazine
22. Many American products and services available
23. Cheap fruits and vegetables all year
24. Affordable public transportation
25. As a client on one of my retirement tours stated, “Costa Rica is a user-friendly country for Americans.”
And many more reasons…..

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Christopher Howard conducts monthly relocation/retirement tours fill in the form below to receive Chrisopher’s free book when you register for a tour and have him contact you personally. For details please see: He also has authored and published 17 editions of “The New Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica” and other guides about living in Costa Rica. See

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