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Top 10 Spas in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News – Whether you live in Costa Rica, or are just visiting, it’s never a waste of time to give yourself a couple of hours to renew your body and mind with a spa service. There are great spas throughout the country, so depending on where you are, there is blissful relaxation close by.

Below are the top 10 spas in Costa Rica listed by location. Enjoy!

Central Valley

Resort-Martino-Boutique-Hotel-and-Spa1)      Resort Martino Boutique Hotel and Spa in Alajuela (15 minutes from San Jose)

This beautiful hotel and spa offer many different spa services which include salt scrubs, body wraps, massage (with or without hot stones), facials, and all typical salon services as well. The prices range from $15 for the most basic service, all the way up to $350 for packages. In addition to the Latin décor of Spa Cleopatra, there is a Roman style Jacuzzi and a tranquil feel during services with scented oils and candles. Other amenities available at this hotel are the fitness center, free internet, suites or villas available, and travel accommodations for guests.

2)      Pura Vida Spa & Yoga Retreat in Alajuela

This beautiful retreat is built up on a hill overlooking the valley. It is a large property with lots of the villas and suites spread out across the hill. There is a community swimming pool and Jacuzzi while some of the villas offer a private Jacuzzi. There are the typical spa services offered; massages and reflexology start at $80-$120, facials start at $95-$120, and exfoliations and body polishing start at $115. However, this being a yoga retreat, there are also services offered that are not so typical. This spa offers Ayurveda Treatments which is traditional Indian medicine to balance your mind and body, Aquatic Body Work sessions to reconnect with your body, Asian bodywork, and Bio Energetic Healing. For more information on these services, you may visit their website:


3)      Xandari Resort and Spa located in Alajuela

The spa is decorated in bright tropical décor and has rooms that open up to the beautiful outdoors where you can receive your services. You have to pay to use the Jacuzzi though, but pairing it with a service is a way to utilize your time best. Massages are from $70-$115, facials run $90-$115, there are special Costa Rican body wraps that utilize coffee and coconut from $95-$120 depending on how many minutes you request, and there are also yoga and Pilates classes offered when you stay at Xandari.

South Pacific

4)      Rancho Pacifico in Uvitarancho-pacifico-hotel

Most of the spa services are done in private rooms with open doors to a balcony overlooking the forest. During your services you will hear all the sounds of Costa Rican nature to relax you into oblivion. Spa Tranquila offers facial treatments starting at $100, body scrubs and masques starting at $100 which are available as a couples’ service, and massages which can also be a couples’ service starting at $120 and going up to $200. There are suites and villas available to stay in. This hotel was voted a Best Boutique Hotel by World Travel Awards.

Central Pacific

5)      Raindrop Spa in Manuel Antonio

This is the only location that is truly a spa and not a combination of a place to stay. You may use your hotel concierge to book appointments at this spa. The décor is set in an Indian style with the touches of tropical flora. Massages are $45-$100, facials are $70-$90 and they also offer the traditional body wraps and such. However, a bonus to this spa is they also offer dermatological skin treatments as well.


6)      Hilton Papagayo Resort and Spa

Spa Vida has 13 different indoor and outdoor spa rooms depending on what type of service you are looking for. This resort is something special with its location right on the beach where you can hear the sound of rolling waves as you wait for, or are getting your spa service. The grounds have small rolling hills of grass creating stair steps for an optimal view of the ocean. This spa offers massage from $60-$190, body wraps from $115-$135, Facials from $85-135, nail services starting at $40 and going up to $75. Also, there are full salon services including waxing.

Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa7)      Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa

Serenity spa offers facials, massages, body wraps and scrubs. Prices are typical but are not offered on the website. Rooms are decorated with a modern Asian feel with lots of black and tan colors. You must contact this resort to get your prices and book services. This resort won the TripAdvisor 2013 Certificate of Excellence.

8)      Los Altos de Eros Boutique Hotel in Tamarindo

This hotel is located on 27 acres 20 minutes outside of Tamarindo.

The 20-foot cascading waterfall flows into the open air teak and bamboo spa. 5 private treatment rooms offer spectacular views of the tropical forest and the Pacific Ocean. A bonus about staying at the hotel and receiving services at the Eros Spa is that hotel guests receive 50% off all individual spa services. The nice thing about this spa is that while the prices are a bit higher than average, there is one price per service which makes it a lot easier when trying to decide. A massage is either $125 or $175, a facial is $95, scrub is $95 or $150, a body wrap is $95, and a manicure with a pedicure is $90. There are also some packages available.

Central Highlands

9)      Tabacon Grand Spa located in Arenal

The Grand Spa was voted The Sexiest Spas in the World by Spa Magazine, Oct 2010. This spa has access to the thermal waters from the Arenal volcano area. The décor is inviting with an Asian feel and the spa offers many lovely services which should be exceptional considering the prices which are a little higher than average. Massages run $100-$220, Exfoliating treatments are $120, facials begin at $110-$155, body wraps are $135, waxing begins at $20 and goes up to $60, and manicures and pedicures run from $50-$95. There are also packages available if you are interested in a total body experience.

10)   The Springs in Arenal

If you care, this was the hotel of choice for the ABC show, The Bachelor. This resort considers itself a world class luxury resort featuring hot springs, and picture perfect views of the Arenal Volcano from every guest room. The spa features wicker furniture and a real island feel. Massages run $75-$205, wraps are $105, body scrubs $95-$150, facials from $115-$150 and a manicure and pedicure each are $60. Some services are a little higher than average, but some services are right in line with what is typical at these types of resorts. There is also a fitness center along with the spa is 14,000 square feet. At this resort you have access to the mineral laden hot springs pools on the property.

Remember, when arriving for your spa service, it is polite and necessary to arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your appointment so you aren’t rushing for the beginning of what is supposed to be a peaceful time for yourself.

Make sure that you tell your therapist any injuries, sicknesses, or medical conditions that you may have. Also, it is customary to tip your therapist 15% of the total. This includes the original amount if you have a discount. Enjoy taking time for yourself because life is too short!

By Stacey Dunahay

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