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Tis’ the Season for Costa Rica Hotel Discounts

Costa Rica Travel News – As I sit here tonight and listen to the rain pour down outside, I am reminded that green or rainy season is in full effect between the borders of Costa Rica.  With the rain falling down on nearly a daily basis many tourists decide to shy away from travelling to the land of Pura Vida, but it might be the best time of year to come to Costa Rica.

hotel-mono-azul-manuel-antonio-costa-ricaWith fewer travelers coming to Costa Rica, Hotels are cutting back to the bare minimum of employees and other overhead costs.

Hotels usually try to send employees on temporary leave or switch them over to the maintenance crew with fewer hours as we get into the heart of rainy season.

Hotels expect occupancy rates of 30 to 40% during the months of September & October.  Some hotels even drop below that number.

Some hotels even close for the next few months as they try to just eek by during low season.

However with all this being said, it is a great time to find hotel deals and discounts in Costa Rica.  Tourists that have not booked ahead of time have the opportunity to negotiate prices with owners just looking to pay rent on the property for the next few months.

Some advice for travelers to Costa Rica

1. Do not book your hotel before hand if you do not have to.  You will have the ability to get a discounted rate in many cases when you arrive at the front desk.

2. Call the hotel before arrival and try to speak to the owner or manager.  The decision maker will normally lower the price for you to get you to stay.

3. Pick smaller hotels and not chains to be able to talk to the owner instead of having to cut through corporate red tape.

The rainy season normally consists of about an hour or two of heavy rain in the afternoon but the rest of the day is sunshine and cloudless skies.  It is a great time to take advantage of travel discounts in Costa Rica and still enjoy the beautiful country.

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