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Tips to Finding a Good Lawyer in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Finding a lawyer is always difficult. How can you know who to trust and what fees are to be expected? This problem gets even more complicated when you are in a foreign country with a language in which you are not fluent.

finding a costa rica lawyerIf you need a lawyer in Costa Rica, say for example to represent you in court or go over documents with you regarding purchasing property, it’s not too hard to find one. Finding a good one takes a little more effort.

Ask other foreigners for recommendations, especially if they have used a lawyer for the same reason you need one. Find a lawyer who specializes in what you need.

Word of mouth brings more credibility than big fancy advertisements do.

If you have trouble with your attorney you can file a complaint against them. Don’t trust any lawyer enough to pay the full amount up front. A fair agreement is to pay half up front and half after successful completion of the task they are hired for.

Many lawyers speak at least some English. Look for one that is fluent and also has at least two solid recommendations.

Avoid working with lawyers who schedule meetings at 3 p.m. because that indicates that they are starting their job at 2 and are not working full days or giving their clients their full attention.

Lastly, if you fall in love with your lawyer consider that he may be scamming you and find another one. Don’t mix love and money.


Remember to always use your lawyer and not the development’s lawyer.  Many times the developer’s lawyer is on the take and get a % of the sales.  They will sometimes say and do whatever the developer wants for the right price.

Be very careful with your money.  Make sure all i’s are dotted and t’s crossed as many lawyers know how to use the inefficient legal system to drag out cases for years and keep your money from you if it is a scam real estate development.

Expect delays, but also expect updates. Keep on top of your lawyer as delays can sometimes mean that the lawyer is not doing his job.  Good lawyers will give you daily or weekly updates without you having to ask.

 Feel free to talk about you specific experiences with lawyers in the comments or on facebook.  Obvious lawyer self promotions will not be posted.


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