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Tips for Solo Female Travel in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Christmas is fast approaching and promises a rest from a daily routine and exhausting work. People have different plans for coming holidays or, it’s better so say, their favorite scenarios. Some of them sink in the pre-holiday fuss and preparations, others disconnect from the reality and go to dating sites. One more category of people prefers not to sink into depression because they have not got a partner to celebrate Christmas with. They just pack their luggage and set out on the journey to enjoy sun and ocean. If you belong to that category of people, you are a solo woman going to Costa Rica to recharge your batteries, then your click hit the target.

Read on this post before going to this country to make sure your solo travel will be safe and a holiday of a lifetime.

  • Safety is the first essential condition for enjoying fully any adventure. Indeed, if you are afraid of getting in some troubles all the time that will take the spring from the year and your journey will not be as wonderful as you dreamed it to be. Good news for female travelers to Costa Rica is that they chose the safest spot in Central America. That’s does not mean that usual precautions should be neglected in Costa Rica. Its poverty rate is still high, and petty thievery is common there. So, safety measures are as usual; watch your belongings in social gathering places, do not carry flashy gadgets and large amounts of cash with yourself, take a door to door taxi and stay in hotel after dark.
  • Travelling alone imposes higher responsibility on a solo adventurer. The more knowledge you will arm yourself with the more confident you will feel. Before going to Costa Rica (or any other country), take the time to find out more about it and work out the kinks like clothing, baggage, sights to visit and transportation. Read some blogs for female travelers is a good idea too. Take notes of all details that seem important to you.
  • Clothing deserves special attention. Women loves to look good in any situation. No wonder they pack so much clothing and buy new items to take away. The fad is that eventually women wear only half the items of clothing they took with them.  But in case you travel without a partner, you should limit yourself to the essentials only. Climate in Costa Rica is tropical. Light fabrics letting your skin breathe like cotton and linen should prevail. There are no special requirements to beachwear. You can wear it on the beaches. If you plan to visit rural areas, it is better off wearing in a more modest manner. You will show your respect to their culture and will not provoke undesirable attention. One more reason to dress simply is to avoid machismo. Ignorance is the best way to react to catcall and shouts. If that does not help don’t be afraid to resort to policemen.

Costa Rica is a wonderful place to visit, do not waste time on hesitating and fearing. With a prudent approach and lightweight suitcase this journey will become a holiday of your lifetime!

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