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Time to Learn the New Costa Rica Traffic Laws

Costa Rica News – There have been a total of 19 changes made to the Traffic Law.

Many of them have to do with bad parking. Parking is not allowed in loading and unloading areas. Vehicles weighing over 2 tonnes cannot park on urban or suburban roads. The traffic police can remove license plates of vehicles obstructing roads, sidewalks or cycle lanes.

They may even remove the vehicle to prevent the obstruction.

A new fine of ¢306,850 will be imposed on any driver who refuses a breathalyzer. He will also be taken into the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Someone can request a second breathalyzer if he insists he is not drunk but if it is also positive he must pay for it.

Other new sanctions come into play for those either producing a noise above certain limits allowed by law or those producing emissions of fumes above the legal limits.

The fine for someone driving a vehicle other than what their license is for has been doubled.

The Transit Authority may remove plates if a driver’s license is expired.

There are penalties of ¢104,600 for driving with too many passengers or with someone in the trunk.

¢51,316 is the fine for disrespecting a Traffic Officer.

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