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Time to Get Your Tickets to Costa Rica’s International Film Festival; Peace with the Earth

Costa Rica Entertainment News – The International Film Festival of Peace with the Earth is coming up and this year you can get your tickets in advance. Starting Friday, tickets will be available for 2,000 colones at

film festival costa ricaThis is the only way to pre-purchase tickets. They can also be bought at the cinemas on the day of the presentation, which starts on Saturday. The venues are Cine Magaly and Sala Garbo.

All in all, there will be 72 films to see. The national program consists of 44, including documentaries, feature films, short films, animation, video clips and fiction.

There are also films from 19 other countries. 28 international films are sure to impress. Prizes will be awarded in all categories.

This festival is brought to us by the Ministry of Culture, the Costa Rican Film Production Center and the Center for Arts and Cultural Production.

Their goal is to show high quality films that represent a respectful attitude toward culture, peace and diversity.


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