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Time to Get Chinese Citizenship to Do Business in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Well the Costa Rican government is trying to make it as easy and ask risk free as possible for the Chinese to set up shop and invest in the land of “Pura Vida”. For the rest of us I guess we will have to try to do business without the shark fin connections.

china costa rica investmentThere is a longstanding partnership between Costa Rica and China regarding business. Many Chinese entrepreneurs are interested in starting companies or even industries in the country.

They are simply waiting to finalize plans because first the Agreement between Costa Rica and China for the Promotion and Protection of Investments must be approved in the Legislative Assembly.

The delay in approval generates great distrust among the Asian entrepreneurs. With that document approved, they’d have more confidence investing in the country. The Chinese investment agreement is on the Legislature’s list of urgent treaties to approve.

The Chinese are not used to doing business on “Tico Time”. 

The protection was agreed upon by the presidents of the two countries as a legal framework for business between them. It establishes rules, compensation for loss, and conflict resolution.

After approved expect to see a lot more Chinese influence in Costa Rica. 

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