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Three New Cases of Zika in Pregnant Women in Costa Rica

Costa Rica – Zika is becoming more and more common in Costa Rica with the cases increasing including ones in pregnant women.  But with about 25% of women in Costa Rica pregnant at all times this is not a big surprise.

zika virus costa rica mainThe Ministry of Health stated Wednesday that there are 27 new cases fo Zika, three of these in pregnant women.

The pregnant women affected by the virus were located in Carrillo and Garabito.

In total there have been 10 pregnant women with the virus so far this year.

Among the cantons with newly seen Zika cases are Garabito (which already has 93 cases), Aguirre, Parrita, Santa Cruz, Orotina, Carrillo, Puntarenas, San Mateo, San Jose and Liberia. 46 patients suspected of having contracted the virus were let go without treatment.

In Costa Rica there have been 186 patients with Zika, 1,627 with Chikungunya and 9,732 cases of Dengue this year. In the last week there have been 588 cases of Dengue, 40 of Chikungunya and 27 of Zika.

The mosquito Aedes Aegypti is the transmitter of the three diseases and breeds in accumulate water. Hot breeding spots are old tires, plastic containers and troughs for animals.

Last week 122 families in the country received orders to get rid of potential breeding grounds on their property.

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