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This Weekend’s Tico 4×4 Challenge; Who Will Take Home Title?

Costa Rica Events – Jonathan Beitía took home the title last year at the Tico 4×4 Challenge.

Jonathan Beitía tico 4x4 challenge 1He represented his home country, Panama; and he made the Panamanians proud. All eyes were on him as he took the lead by 16 seconds.

Those 16 seconds may have been the best of his life. He is returning this year to defend his position at the National 4×4 Challenge Championship, which is organized by the RPM TV company.

The native of Quinta de Versailles, Barrio Juan Diaz, Panama City will arrive tomorrow and prepare to ride his Jeep CJ 8 in the eight cylinders category.

He will compete against three other drivers.

By Daniel Chambers, Costa Rica

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