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This is Why to Not Buy a Used Car in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – So you think that those import taxes on your vehicle are too much to pay and you want to buy a car here in Costa Rica.  Well this news shows why you might want to reconsider that decision.  

images (1)A total of 250 cars have been held in customs because they do not have import requirements that were imposed after the adoption of the new traffic law.

These requirements are outlined in Article 5 of the rules and refer to the importer’s obligation to present, in the process of nationalization, the deed, to make sure the car has not been claimed as total loss in the country of their origin.

Furthermore, it requires a notarized affidavit specifying the mileage and the car meets the quality and safety for use on the road.

Customs director, Gerardo Bolaños said that there are a number of questions about what qualifies as a total loss in a car because in the United States (where it matters the most vehicles). These cars can be reconstructed after a wreck and then sent to Costa Rica as new.

Of the 1,000 cars that entered the country since January 26, 2012, when the law took effect, 750 vehicles were let in to Costa Rica with a deed and without any visible damage, but there are doubts on 250 of these vehicles and those are being held in customs.

That’s right 25% of the vehicles that have come to port are most likely total losses in their countries of origin, one out of every four.  This is after the law was passed, that % was more like 40% before the law was put into effect. Those total losses are still for sale on used car lots and from individuals in Costa Rica.

There is a way to get around this.  Shipping Costa Rica is actually working with auctions in the USA where the vehicles’ Carfax can be checked and can find you a vehicle that can be shipped here under a certain budget.  Know the history of the vehicle and actually save money.

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