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Thief Steals Sunglasses Leaves a Million Dollars

World News – A Seattle couple had a lottery ticket worth $1 million but didn’t realize it.

dumb criminalsFortunately for them, the thief who broke into their car had no idea, either.

They bought the ticket in February for a $350 million jackpot drawing. It wasn’t until mid-May that they checked online and discovered that the ticket, which they had casually left in their car, was worth a cool million — a second-chance prize.

In between came a close call: Someone broke into the car and stole a pair of sunglasses sitting on top of the winning ticket, the couple told the Washington Lottery, which declined to release their names.

They say they celebrated their millionaire status with some champagne and have plans to travel to Paris and Iceland and work on their house.

— Elizabeth Chuck

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