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Theater Becoming More Popular & Available in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – Those who live in the Greater Metropolitan Area are well aware of the theater tradition. Lines often form outside theaters, under lighted billboards and next to crowded parking lots.

A number of new theaters have opened up recently around the capital as well as in Tibás, Heredia and San Ramon. Here is a list of some of the very best theaters to check out:costa rica theaters

Teatro La Fortina 2560-7777

Complejo Cultural Valzar 2296-2430

Teatro El Triciclo 2228-5949

Teatro de la Luna 8707- 8444

Teatro Coluche 2256-1373

Sala Teatro Occidente 7165-2873

Teatro Reventón 8824-6766

Teatro Ilusión 8418-8976

Teatro El Ángel Tíbás 2235- 4583

Teatro El Hormiguero 6115-7841

Teatro Heredia 8671-3641

Teatro Laurence Olivier 2222-1034

With all of these options, you can find just about anything you are looking for, from drama to comedy, family theater, inspirational tales, stand-up comedy, magic shows and even circus like performances.

The public is becoming increasingly educated and desiring artistic experiences like theater. In just a year, 15 theaters have opened, even in strange places like malls.

The National Survey of Culture recorded that in 2013, the theater received over 720,000 spectators.

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