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The Zapote Party Has Begun in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – For many families, the Zapote festival is an integral part of the holiday season.

zapote festival costa ricaParents have fond memories of rides and specialty foods and they want to share that experience with their kids.

Young families often go to Zapote in the mornings and afternoons when the little ones can get on more rides and they don’t have to worry about rowdy crowds. Teens and young adults take over at night.

The party started yesterday and had 19 food stands, eight bars, an inflatables area and 20 rides.

The municipality is heavily involved, paying for 160 security offers from the Municipal Police force, lab analysis of food samples, as well as cleaning services.

Many kids from the local towns went to Zapote to show off their Christmas gifts yesterday. They used the fairgrounds to learn how to ride a bike or skate.

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