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The Winner of Costa Rica’s 2017 National Technology Award

Costa Rica News – A technique to boost algae orchards wins Ricardo Radulovich Ramirez the 2017 National Technology Award.

He is the director of the School of Engineering of Biosystems of the UCR.

The professor and director of the school receives the award because of his research project “Aquatic agriculture for sea and lakes.”

The jury unanimously picked him as the winner because his research is innovative and of great impact for national policies of eco-sustainability and for the mitigation of climate change.

The initiative is seen as guaranteeing food security without deteriorating natural resources. Something like a shrimp farm uses more food than it produces. This idea produces much more. The sea already offers all the necessary conditions to produce seaweed, a great nutritional food source. With the researcher’s technique, it can be grown in a way that is tied to floating nets.

This can be a supplementary income for fishing families.

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