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The WhatsApp Test Answer Scam in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The scams in Costa Rica keep getting funnier and funnier, well probably not funny to the lazy students that did not want to study.

whatsapp scam costa rica 1Scams are getting trickier these days, with the use of new technology such as WhatsApp. In Guanacaste, a group offered to sell the answers to the high school tests. The answers would be sent via WhatsApp.

The packages they offered ranged from ¢15,000 to ¢100,000. Many students were tempted to join the group. Some who did join ended up disappointed because the answers were not correct!

The Ministry of Public Education had been made aware of this scam years ago and has been warning schools and students of its existence. Still, parents call complaining that their kids received the offer to buy solutions.

During the tests students are not allowed to have backpacks, notebooks or phones but phones are easy to hide. The students ask permission to go to the bathroom and then they check the answers sent to them.

To prevent fraud, the forms were guarded by police and the math test was changed a half hour before the exam started.

Maybe next time they will decide to study……but that is only hoping!

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