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The Secrets to a Long Life in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Some of the oldest people on the planet are here in Costa Rica, specifically in the Nicoya region.

There are “blue zones” around the world, in which people tend to have longer lives and ones with better quality.

Other blue zones include the island of Sardinia in Italy, Okinawa, Japan, Loma Linda, California and Ikaria, Greece. These places host workshops in which those over age 80 share their secrets to longevity.

Some of the secrets we hear about from this population include staying physically and mentally active, keeping up friendships, loving family, participating in traditions, doing things you have always loved, such as horseback riding or working in the local store, having a purpose in life, a strong spirituality and following the Ten Commandments.

Nicoya’s Anita Torres will be 107 in July. Her eldest daughter, age 80, cares for her. She doesn’t suffer from any ailment apart from a deep sleep.

Florinda Juarez Aguilar, 95, takes care of her younger sister, Betsy, 90. Matea Fajardo Garcia has spent the last 30 of her 83 years participating in activities organized by the older adult group of Nicoya.

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