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The Secret to a Long life in Costa Rica; It’s In the Water

Costa Rica News – Do you want to live until you are close to 100 years old? Do you want to do this in paradise? You might just be able to accomplish both of these goals in Costa Rica.

Fountain_of_Youth 1The fountain of youth has been found in Guanacaste, or so the locals believe. The habit of drinking a lot of water while working in the fields may be what has allowed many Guanacastecos to live into their 90s.

Or maybe it’s what’s in the water. The National Water Laboratory and the Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers found an extra high presence of minerals in the area’s drinking water supply.

Minerals tend to be good for health. The water in some parts of Guanacaste is considered “hard” because it has such high concentrations of calcium and magnesium. Calcium protects bones and the transmission of neuromuscular stimulation while magnesium strengthens the heart.

A study showed that longevity rates per 10,000 people is greater in areas that have hard water. People who live in Guanacaste also have other factors in their favor as far as longevity is concerned. They tend to eat well, engage in physical activity, have positive family relationships and strong spiritual beliefs.


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