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The Pope, Costa Rica & Environmental Protection

Costa Rica News – The Pope published Laudato Si in 2015. It is about environmental care. 

This prompted the Catholic University of Costa Rica to make an index to measure just how much countries comply with the suggestions. The index is made in partnership with the Viva Foundation.

The rector of the University explained that they intend to present the index at the  VII Symposium that the Ratzinger Foundation will carry out in Costa Rica between November 29 and December 1st.

This will mark the first time the Vatican chose a Central American country for this annual meeting of the foundation.

Several high positioned cardinals will be in attendance at this symposium.

Among 15 indicators, the index includes social development, environmental development, food and employment access.

To complement other studies of the type, this one will be published annually to see whether countries are responding to the Pope’s call.

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