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The Perfect Costa Rica Photo; View of the Milky Way Over the Arenal Volcano

Costa Rica News – Sometimes it just takes time to get the perfect photo.  Sergio Vindas might have taken just that.


Sergio Vindas wrote:
I want to share with you this image taken close to the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. This place is a private area called ‘Arenal 1968’ near to the Arenal Volcano National Park. In 1968, the volcano started a long activity period with a big eruption. After years of activity a big area was covered with lava (the left portion close to the volcano). Now, the volcano has low activity.

The weather in this zone is very irregular, and it can change in minutes.

Since three years ago, we have planned to shoot this photo. We went to the zone repeatedly but every time we got nothing … until now.

Camera: Sony A7S

Lens: Sigma ART 35mm f1.4 (using adapter)

Manfrotto Tripod, Manfrotto 300N panoramic head. 3 axis head Manfrotto 410

ISO 12800, 10 sec exposure (each picture), f1.4, 35mm

Processed in Lightroom (basic editing) for each image, Pano stitched in Auto Pano Giga 4 and final processing in Potoshop CC (total correction, curves, contrast, etc.)

Thank you, Sergio!



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