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The Parnormal Odyssey of Sierra Peterson

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Last night I rented out some horror movies that had a fastidious overtone towards the paranormal. It amazes me on the way Hollywood will exaggerate the activities of the paranormal. How many people have heard the legend of the La Llorona aka J-ok’el? This is the legend of a mother that drowned her own babies centuries ago and now returns as a demonic spirit to claim more children in the icy waters.

Curse of the Weeping WomanHollywood has now came out with a movie that went straight to DVD, Curse of the Weeping Woman – J-ok’el – La Llorona. Many people persist that the legend is true and they say that an inordinate smell of staleness resonates near the icy waters that La Llorona frequents. A mere legend with no substantial evidence, that this demonic spirit roams this watery landscape. Even without a shred of evidence, Hollywood will exploit this legend.

There are many legends and I am up to my neck in legends. I seek proof as I know that most legends have some kind of foundation of truth. Some legends can be explained as natural occurrences, while other legends seem to harbor no answers. It is important to conduct proper investigations to seek out the truth. It’s important to interview witnesses to the event. I received word that an HPI Paranormal Investigator-in-Training has been touched by the paranormal throughout her whole life. I make contact with Sierra Peterson, (not her real name) age 28. Let me describe Sierra. She has a nose ring. There is an Ankh tattoo on her right hand. She loves heavy metal and on this day July 4, 2008, Friday, she is sporting a heavy metal t-shirt with Satanic overtones. She tells me she has done some extensive traveling in Canada, throughout the United States and Mexico. It’s time for my interview with Sierra. 

To understand Sierra’s life, we must create a timeline of events.

Age 5. Location: Lubbock, Texas. She learns that our reality is a fake world created by doctors who are observing her. She sees herself laying on a table, surrounded by them. She hears a digital voice that tells her something of a personal nature, that I cannot disclose in this article. I ask Sierra if this is a Matrix type of reality and her answer is “yes”. Note: Some alien abductees remember seeing themselves on a table and surrounded by doctors. As some abductees studied the doctor’s faces, the faces changed to the appearance of ‘Grays’.

Age 9. Location: Saugatuck, Michigan. She is at a friend’s beach house and sees a huge white creature that stands on all 4 legs charging at her. She runs and when she looks back, the creature is gone. She can’t describe the creature, but thought it might resemble a dog. She remembers that the white coat on the creature was so bright that it nearly shined. At the time, Sierra believed the creature to be of supernatural origins. Note: Some abductees claim to see a large white creature.

Age 11. Sierra is playing in the yard of the Bachelor Officer’s Quarters on her father’s military base with a friend. She blacks out and sees a field of static covering her vision. When she awakens, her friend says she had repeated the words “I can’t see” over and over again. This particular military base has been noted by other abductees to be a site of mind control experiments. She remembers having a conversation with her dad. Her dad was a commander in the military and told her that he was involved in the study of UFOs. She goes on to say that her father’s friend, a military officer was married to a woman that claimed she was abducted. Note: A lot of abductees are connected to top level military personnel through their family alien abductionmembers.

Age 12. She becomes interested in the occult. She has an intense fear of hospitals. Her first experimentation with the occult is with a group of friends that play ‘stiff as a board – light as a feather’, a levitation game. All participants place a finger on the subject to lift them. She remembers being levitated and she wanted the game to stop, because fear set in. Note: Abductees are known to fear doctors, nurses and hospitals, it brings back memories of being abducted, in which the aliens perform medical procedures on them. Abductees are also known to become fascinated with all things paranormal. Their curiosity kicks in and they seek answers.

Age 15. She experiences telepathy with many of her friends. Note: Some abductees claim to experience telepathy with their abductors and later with friends that seem to be considered as a ‘sensitive’.

Age 17. Location: Baltimore. Sierra meets two guys that know of a haunted house in Baltimore. Sierra and her friends conduct a seance in this home and an entity speaks through one of the boys. The entity says it is trapped inside the house. The entity describes life as a little boy living in the house. He saw his father strangle his mother. The entity when a boy was hiding in the closet when he witnessed this murder of his mother. His father discovered that he was hiding in the closet and killed him. At this home, the boys that took Sierra to this home said that when candles are lit, the flames will flicker in such a way, that the flame will jump high and then the flame resumes its normal setting. While at the house, Sierra sees a dark figure crossing the doorway. A toy piano starts playing on its own. People in the group feel someone blowing on their neck. The same boy looks at Sierra and told her what her middle name was. Sierra has never told this group of people what her middle name was and her middle name is quite unusual. The voice on one of the boys, changed to sound like an angry older man and says: “I thought I told you to go to bed!” At this point, the boy screams and releases his hands from the other members of the group. The next day, the same guy that was possessed had bruises on his neck and there was an ammonia smell in the house. Sierra experiences sleep paralysis and feeling choked. Note: Abductees experience sleep paralysis and victims of the ‘Sleeping Hag’ also feel sleep paralysis.

Age 18. Location: Sedona, Arizona. Sierra goes camping with friends near Boynton Canyon by a rock formation called Bell Rock. Sierra and her friends see what appears to be UFOs in the night sky. The UFOs that Sierra and her friends see, change colors and travel across the entirety of the night sky within seconds, faster than any conventional aircraft. At another point in time, the UFOs gather in a geometric pattern over Bell Rock. Later, the UFOs seem to hover over Sierra and her friends. Note: Abductees find themselves attracted to areas known to be UFO hotspots. Sedona is a UFO hotspot and is known as a portal to other dimensions.

Age 22. Location: Walter Reed Annex – Maryland. Sierra and her friends experience haunting activity. Doors slam and there is no wind. They enter a mental ward and discover bloody hospital gowns, electro shock equipment, Human Use Committee Files with contactees in third world countries. While exploring this mental ward, at one time all the doors in this mental ward slammed shut in unison. They heard footsteps following them by an unseen entity. One of her friends sees an entity that is a hunched figure in rags. When Sierra and her friends left this facility, 3 black Hummer type of vehicles followed them out. The black Hummers had strobe lights on their vehicles. Sierra does some investigation later on and discovers through various sources ufo sedonathat these Hummers are used for martial law purposes and that inside of the Hummers there is a device used to erase memories. One of her friends that came with her to the mental ward has a grandfather that was in the CIA and a grandmother that has aluminum foil around her bed, to stop any kind of penetrating rays that may cause a mind control effect on her. The grandmother also claimed to have visions of the apocalypse. Note: Abductees usually come in contact with other abductees by accident. Or maybe it is not an accident and the cosmic chessboard played by the abductors brings abductees together. It appears that her friend has a grandfather that was once part of the CIA and a grandmother that seems to fear mind control from aliens or the government? There seems to be some kind of connection that brought Sierra to this new friend. Sierra through her own independent research discovers that monkeys were once experimented on at this facility and were given biological agents to see how they would react. It is rumored that the CIA was involved in the Manchurian Candidate Project. The Manchurian Candidate Project was a mind control experiment and one possible subject of this program was Sirhan Sirhan – Assassin of Robert F. Kennedy.

Age 22. Location: San Francisco. Sierra is picked up by a male stranger. She discovers he has kiddie porn in his glove department. Male stranger introduces Sierra to stories about tunnels underneath San Francisco that are used for smuggling children and a connection to a Satanic cult that uses children for ritual human sacrifice. She meets another new friend that claims to be related to William Randolph Hearst and that the Hearst family is stalking him. He claims the Hearst family is also connected to a cult and is involved in ritual human sacrifice. Note: Abductees receive disinformation from either the government or their abductees. Disinformation that is so bizarre, that the story would make the abductee sound off base. To my perspective of this San Francisco story, I feel Sierra somehow received disinformation from sources that seemed determined to show Sierra in a non-credible light if she were to ever relate her story to the public.

Sierra has experienced being followed by a black helicopter. She has encountered the Men in Black, you can find her story here:

Sierra has acquired artistic abilities. Her artistic abilities reflect a dark side. She remembers drawing on a piece of paper and she could see blue lines on the paper. There were actually no blue lines on the paper, but yet with her eyes, she could see them. She traced the blue lines and when she was completed her tracing, she had a drawing of a girl laying on a table surrounded by gray aliens. Other drawings appear to reflect on reptilian aliens. Note: Abductees reflect on subconscious drawings or doodles. When artwork is completed, it usually looks like a scene from an alien abduction. One drawing by an abductee showed a woman floating inside a beam of light into the night sky.

Sierra cannot say in factuality that she was abducted, but her story does sound like a case of alien abduction. She also showed me her legs, that seem to have minor scoop marks on them. Note: Scoop marks are done by aliens as they take skin samples from their abductees.

Sierra has had her own visions of the apocalypse and she believes these to be part of what other researchers have dubbed “end times programming”. During the Montauk Project, many abductees were fed images of death and a violent apocalypse by the intelligence community. Some people believe these visions are intended to actually create a future that reflects favorably for the alien agenda. The alien-created future would culminate in a series of wars that would prevent humanity from awakening to their greatest potential. 

This story is just one piece of the puzzle. I will continue my search to complete this puzzle. 

Paul Dale Roberts,

HPI Paranormal Investigative Reporter, Ghosthunter

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