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The Paranormal; Chili Jack & The Tommyknockers

Ghosts & the Paranormal –  I sit here and ponder the existence of the soul. Duncan MacDougall – surgeon and physician pondered the same thing. Duncan figured if the soul exists, it must have weight. He experimented on 6 people that were ready to die. On the instance of death, all 6 people lost 3/4 of an ounce or 21 grams.

Duncan MacDougall soul catching21 grams? Was the 21 grams EACH TIME due to blood loss, defecation, urine release? The answer is no. So what was the 21 grams? I believe it was the release of energy, the aura that surrounds our living body every day.

Energy is everywhere. When I went to Scotland, I will never forget the stories that were told to me about Bannockburn, the Year of our Lord 1314. At Bannockburn, it was the climax for the career of King Robert the Bruce. When King Edward I of England aka The Hammer of the Scots died, his predecessor was his son Edward II. Edward II was idle and apathetic and allowed the Scots the chance to recover from their grievous punishment that was inflicted upon them. With a decisive battle at Bannockburn, Scotland won it’s independence. This battle is at times seen in the present time as a ghostly battle in the fields of Bannockburn. A residual haunting that stays strong to this very day. Energy cannot be destroyed and lives on throughout eternity.

I seek not the fountain of youth, but the fountain of everlasting eternity.

EVP interviews

Mervin R. Lee:
Mervin has lived in Washington for about 46 years. When the hotel was condemned, he was part of a crew that helped rebuild it. He has also managed the bar of this hotel. He remembers working in the backroom upstairs and saw a female spirit. He calls his encounters with ghosts as ‘raving ghost attacks’. He has had tools missing and then reappearing or even transported into another room altogether. He remembers how in Room 4, the windows would open, or the door would lock on its own. On the first floor he saw a woman walk from the patio to the kitchen. He describes her as being 5′ 6″, had real long hair, looked to be in her late 20s, attractive and wore a gunny sack dress. Many people that have seen this woman, believe that the woman is Alma Russell. She was known to stay in Room 4. She loved to travel by herself from town-to-town. She would do most of her traveling on a stagecoach. Mervin also recalls how he had a foreboding feeling, a feeling of dread when he went to the attic. It was the only time, he felt a negative energy and he left the attic area immediately.

Henry De’Corte:
Henry remembers bolting a 2×4 to the door, to keep out the cold wind. The 2×4 blew off the door and landed 60 feet away. He has no explanation on what caused the 2×4 to fly off the door and land 60 feet away. He thinks the hotel has 2 ghosts. He remembers how the liquor room door would fly open on its own accord. It did this 3 times in one night. There was a padlock on the door and the door would still open. He has heard from many guests that they have seen Alma on the third floor pacing back and forth. Some clients have seen Alma looking out the third story window. Clients have left the hotel with pictures of orbs, ectoplasm and other strange aberrations in their photos.

A Little History about the Washington Hotel: It was known as the Indiana Boy’s Camp during the Gold Rush era. Wyatt Earp slept here in 1902 in Room 9. Former President Glover Cleveland slept here in 1901 in Roomhaunted washington california 2 1. 

John Kvasnicka:
John works at the Yuba House Hotel across the street. This establishment is also haunted. The ghost of Chili Jack haunts this hotel and once knocked off a cuckoo clock off the wall. Chili Jack will also move things around in the kitchen area. The bar area of this hotel had a shooting during the 1800s in which one cowboy lost his life. Chili Jack may have gotten his name for being an employee of the hotel that worked in the kitchen.

Toby Dixon – Head of Washington Historical Society:
Toby was kind enough to give me a book called: Historical Notes of the Early Washington, Nevada County, California Mining District written by Robert J. & Grace J. Slyter. There is tons of information in this book, because of the simple fact that Washington has a lot of history. Toby tells us of a lady that smells like roses that frequents Room 11 of Washington Hotel. She has heard that many guests have become spooked after staying in Room 11. People have seen a Navy guy walking the streets of Washington. When they approach him, he vanishes before their very eyes. At the creek nearby, people at times hear children playing, when they look down at the creek, there is no one there. Toby showed me a photograph of a little girl playing and next to her is a full body apparition of a little girl.

Katy Potter:
Katy tells me about another haunted place in Washington. It’s a private residence, they call the Frank Nelson House. At this home, radios and TVs turn on and off by themselves. She bought the house in 1986 and it was once owned by Frank Nelson who lived in the house since 1916. She sometimes feels that Frank is watching her, when she works in the garden. Babysitters that have stayed at her house have all left her home scared.

haunted washington california 1Walter Schwartz:
Walter knows the story of the ghost of Yuba Jack. He was a prospector and fell in love with the town’s proprietor or also known as the madam. The madam ran the local bordello at Washington. The madam and Yuba Jack had a falling out and now Yuba Jack haunts the Yuba House looking for his long lost lover Cat House Kelly. So it appears that the Yuba House is not only haunted by Chili Jack, but also a ghost named Yuba Jack. Walter lives in a haunted house and things have been moved from one room to another and one time he found his kitchen in shambles by an unseen force. Walter’s great grandfather was George Grizzle and legend has it that George was shot off a stagecoach while headed for Graniteville. Walter is a bit of a historian himself, he knows about how the Wells Fargo Stagecoach stopped here before heading over to Susanville. Walter tells about an old Chinese man ghost that waves at passerby’s. He tells me about the Tommyknockers. During crispy Summer nights, people have heard clinging at the rocks near the creek. They hear a continuous ching, ching, ching. These are the Tommyknockers, ghostly miners that haunt the creek area. The largest gold nugget, 5lb, the size of a baseball was discovered in Washington. He also tells me how George Kohler, built the dry goods store next to his home and would sell everything from dynamite to dry beans. From all indications, the whole town of Washington is haunted and it appears the creek is haunted by the Tommyknockers and the ghostly children that play there.

Orb photos were taken at the Yuba House and the Washington Hotel. Note: Orbs are not substantial proof of paranormal activity and can be explained away as dust orbs, lint orbs, light refraction’s, etc.
EVPs: Listening to my recorder, I heard a whisper that sounded like a woman saying “Sagan”. Listening to the recording over and over again, it was inconclusive and could have been the voice of Vanessa Kalinowski. I also had problems with my recorder. It would shut off on its own after 1 minute of recording. When I brought the recorder home, it was recording normally. I have no explanation on why the recorder was shutting off continually after recording for the duration of 1 minute and when I test the recorder at my home, it works perfectly. This is odd.

I enjoyed my preliminary scouting investigation in the town of Washington, the people of this town are friendly and hospitable. I will be back to do a full scale scouting mission and see what results we will get. I strongly suggest that if you go to the town of Washington, stay in one of the rooms at the Washington Hotel, it will be an unforgettable night

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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