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The Micro-Franchise is Coming to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Business – Costa Rica’s first 30 micro franchises are about to be created in La Carpio, La Uruca.

micro franchiseThis area has many entrepreneurial minded people but the living conditions are poor and the social risk high.

Under this business model, small and medium franchises are made available to those in social risk. It’s specifically for communities like La Carpio, meant to bring hope and opportunity to replace the social conditions formed by a lack of options.

The price for a franchise can be as low as $5,000. The initiative is to create true franchises but on a smaller scale as well as educate the community about how to manage finances and logistics.

Each franchise will employee at least two people. It may benefit 60 families in the area.

The government is responsible for creating the partnerships, providing financing and ensuring success of the businesses.

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