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The Little Theatre Group To Present Shakespeare in San Ramon – RSVP Required

Costa Rica Entertainment – An RSVP is required for this event. Thirty (30) reservations are needed in order to cover the cost of bringing The Little Theatre Group to San Ramon: [email protected].

little theatre group costa ricaJoin your friends on Sunday August 2, 1 pm, at SiNEM for “Liars, Lovers, and Fools”.

An eclectic mix of scenes and monologues featuring characters invented by Shakespeare are brought to life on stage by the Merely Players, complete with costumes, props, lighting and sound equipment. C5,000 cost covers the performance.  Please arrive at 12:45pm to purchase tickets.

Shakespeare’s characters are so well crafted and their dialogue so illustrative of human nature, that the epithet “Liars, Lovers, and Fools” encompasses any of Shakespeare’s plays. This production captures the richness and wit of the best of The Bard’s ‘liars, lovers, and fools’ in a lively and entertaining performance. The Merely Players are a group of actors within the Little Theatre Group of Costa Rica who enjoy interpreting some of the great roles and scenes from the canon of classical theatre, most notably the works of William Shakespeare.

Who is The Little Theatre Group?
( For those new to San Ramon, The Little Theatre Group is a favorite among the Gringo community. It is a nonprofit organization and the oldest continuously running English-language amateur theatre in Central America. Local performances rely solely on support of theatre devotees like CAA.

Where is SiNEM is located?
The Escuela de Musica SiNEM San Ramon, part of the Sistema Nacional de Educación Musical (SiNEM), is located on the ‘In Street” on the right side and katty-corner to the Church. SiNEM is better than ever! Last year, SINEM received a sound face lift to cut the street noise and create a more enjoyable venue—including a new theater curtain and sound-proofing added to the windows, all donated by CAA. New ceiling acoustic panels were donated this year by Nancy and Andy. 

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