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The International Court Has Processed Costa Rica’s Complaint Against Nicaragua

Costa Rica News – The International Court of Justice in Holland has processed Costa Rica’s complaint about Nicaragua entering its territory in the North.

It has joined this complaint with the earlier one about Nicaragua invading maritime territory that is Costa Rica’s.

The court gave Costa Rica until March 2 to file its report regarding the land invasion, in which is expands its complaint. Then Nicaragua can put in a counter document as long as it is filed by April 18th.

Nicaragua moved a military camp towards a sector of the beach of Isla Portillos, which had already been declared Tico territory in a judgement from December 2015 in the case of Isla Calero.

Costa Rica wants the land and sea boundaries defined clearly as well as economic compensation for damage done to its sovereign land and sea.

For the maritime part of the case the dates the reports are due are April 3rd and June 2nd.

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